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- Do not leave water (especially unfiltered tap water) sitting in the water tank for long periods of time. This will lead to scale and over time calcium build up in the lines, valves, and pump and cause them to malfunction. Always use fresh (preferably filtered or spring) water to run through the machine.

- Descale often (once every 1-3 months depending on use) using a half water and half white vinegar solution, or a descaling product.

- The espresso point was meant to be used, and frequent and proper use actually prolong the life of the machine and increase time between the machine needing service.  If you use the machine daily, leave it on 24/7.  This keeps the temperature constant (heated) inside the chamber where the membrane, and gaskets are located and stops them from dry rotting faster due to temperature changes when the machine is heated and cooled so often.

- If your machine is leaking or malfunctioning, get it serviced asap. Waiting only prolongs the issue and this leads to rusting and degrading of the other components inside the chamber, which makes repair harder and more costly.

- Keeping the machine descaled, and clean will help a lot over the course of time in maintaining it.  Running a fresh water cycle through the spout and steam wand after brewing or frothing will clear out any residue. 

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